New digital engine tachometer for Fairmont motorcars. This tach may be used on Fairmonts with single or twin cylinder engines that use DX ignition.   An engine tachometer can be a useful accessory. A tach allows you to operate your Fairmont within a safe RPM region and can also help when making changes to pulley configurations to optimize efficiency for the best engine performance. This digital engine tachometer is compatible with Fairmont single and twin cylinder 2 cycle engines that use electronic ignition such as DX, MSD, and others. It is not recommended for traditional buzz coil configurations due to high voltage and noise on the timer points. Features include a weatherproof design and simple installation including mounting bracket. body diameter 2.5” body length 2.25” 12v negative ground single wire points connection RPM 9999 max 4 digit Red LED display DX ignition copyright 2014  NEW for Fairmonts