There are many reasons to use DX ignition! *Greater Efficiency *Increased Spark *Easier Starting *Fixed Dwell *Less Maintenance *Fits Original Coil Box *No Moving Parts *Quiet for Intercoms  No engine modifications are required. The timer condenser can remain connected allowing you to quickly switch between DX and back to your original buzz coil if necessary . DX ignition sparks continuously when the timer points are closed. The intent of DX ignition is to go the distance with an electronic high output ignition! The design is a simple, reliable, fixed dwell, high output buzz coil replacement that requires no adjustments, very little maintenance if any, and uses proven “over the counter” parts. Another advantage is no timer point arcing reducing timer wear and maintenance. If your ignition output is less than ideal for the conditions, power and efficiency will suffer. Common symptoms of a weak buzz coil are hard starting, misfires with a lean fuel mixture, misfires with advanced timing, spark plug fowling or having to reduce spark plug gap to get the engine to run. DX ignition addresses these issues allowing for engine modifications with higher compression, running the motorcar at high altitude or other lean conditions, wider spark plug gap up to 0.060”, and operating the engine with more timing advance when using slow igniting oxygenated fuels. Fairmonts aren’t race cars, but any extra performance can be appreciated when climbing a grade or heading into the wind. DX ignition offers a modern approach to old buzz coil technology.  It is agreed that an original “buzz coil” used on Fairmont motorcars can provide adequate spark to initiate combustion in a two stroke engine, however it leaves some continuing their quest for the fat blue spark. Black Hills Central RR 2013 image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5 image 6 image 7 image 8 image 9 image 10 image 11 image 12 image 13 image 14 image 15 image 16 image 17 image 18
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Click on the manual to view specifications and learn more about DX ignition Brett Scott 204 S. 5th street Ethan, SD 57334 (605)227-4693 1 year warranty on all DX ignition products. Email me DX Firebox  Ignition for Fairmont single cylinder engines. Oak box for an authentic look. Includes one 32” spark plug wire and instruction manual. $124.99 Free Shipping DX Express  Ignition for Fairmont single cylinder engines. Small compact design can be mounted to engine or frame rail. Includes one 32” spark plug wire, crimp wiring terminals and instruction manual. $85.99 Free Shipping Digital Engine Tachometer  Tachometer can be used on either single or twin cylinder Fairmont engines that have DX ignition. Simple 3 wire connection (12v, ground, and timer). DX Highball Series  Universal ignition for Fairmont Twin and Single cylinder engines. Includes two 32” spark plug wires, jumper wire for single cylinder operation, mounting hardware, instruction manual, and wiring terminals. When ordering please specify 6v or 12v ignition system. $185.99 Free Shipping
$39.99 Free Shipping DX ignition copyright 9/15/2017